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3 min readFeb 29, 2024

In the rapidly evolving job market, finding the right talent swiftly and effectively is crucial for any business. Enter UseVerb a game-changer in the realm of recruitment. Are you an employer seeking to optimise your hiring process and make more informed decisions right from the start?

Look no further, transform your recruitment approach with UseVerb, the essential tool for forward-thinking employers. Discover five compelling reasons why UseVerb is indispensable in revolutionising your hiring process. Traditional recruitment can be arduous, with countless hours spent sifting through resumes, often leaving you with little insight into who the candidates truly are beyond their written credentials. Key aspects such as cultural fit, communication skills, and a candidate’s genuine enthusiasm and drive for the role are crucial in interviews but challenging to gauge from a resume alone. UseVerb innovatively bridges this gap. It enables you to preview potential candidates through its unique video application feature before the interview stage ensuring a more accurate alignment of candidates to the role, who are truly suited for your team.

Enhance your hiring process with UseVerb. It simplifies candidate evaluations and makes applicant management easier, ensuring cost-effective and efficient recruitment.

Discover how UseVerb can elevate your hiring efforts, leading to more successful outcomes.

1. Time-saving candidate screening

Utilise UseVerb to streamline your hiring process. Screen candidates through their Verb Videos, gaining insight into their personality and suitability for the role. By assessing candidates beforehand, you can save time, focusing efforts on the most promising individuals. This approach enables confident decisions, allowing you to hire staff swiftly and efficiently. Identifying standout applicants at this stage simplifies the selection for subsequent interview stages.

2. Efficient applicant management with Recruiter Dash

Employ the Recruiter Dash feature for centralised applicant management. View candidates’ Verb Videos, resumes, take notes, and communicate privately, all on one screen. Easily share top candidates with your hiring team for collective decision-making. Organise applicants swiftly into shortlists, hide lists, or custom lists. The broadcast feature allows simultaneous communication with candidates in a specific list. Save potential candidates for future roles in your talent pool via the star button, ensuring visibility and accessibility for future openings.

3. Cost-effective solution

Avoid expensive job ad postings that attract numerous quick-apply candidates who might not be genuinely interested. With UseVerb, candidates who apply have shown a specific interest in your role. Additionally, UseVerb offers a company page and Job Ad hosting, eliminating the need for a separate website that can cost you thousands of dollars. Otherwise link your UseVerb company page to your existing website’s ‘careers’ section, consolidating all hiring-related content in one accessible location.

4. Eliminate lost resumes

Tired of losing walk-in resumes or sorting through misplaced applications? UseVerb’s personalised QR codes streamline the application process. Position your company’s QR codes in high-traffic areas, around your business ensuring easy application access for candidates while safeguarding against lost or discarded resumes.

5. Create Job Ads with AI

Gone are the days of laboriously drafting job descriptions. Our new in-built AI Job Description feature allows you to create customised Job Ads. Save time by simply typing in your keywords, making any changes and publishing. Easily share your job listings across multiple channels, reaching a wider pool of qualified candidates.

By incorporating UseVerb into your hiring processes, employers can streamline candidate evaluations, manage applications more efficiently, reduce costs, prevent document loss, and save time with AI Job Ads, ultimately enhancing recruitment productivity and organisation.

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