Revolutionizing Hospitality Hiring: Hilton Hotels Utilizes Short-Form Videos to Streamline Recruitment

4 min readNov 17, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, the job application process is undergoing a significant transformation, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Recognizing the need to adapt and innovate, Hilton Hotels have ditched the old-school cover letter and resume to embrace the power of short-form videos in their hiring process. This revolutionary approach not only saves time but also helps Hilton identify the perfect candidates for their team.

The Power of Short-Form Video in Hiring

You know how we all love to scroll through TikTok and Instagram Reels?

Short-form videos have become an increasingly popular medium for communication and engagement in recent years. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels have demonstrated the potential of bite-sized video content, and Hilton Hotels has harnessed this trend to their advantage in the realm of recruitment.

By incorporating short-form videos into their hiring process, Hilton has effectively allowed candidates to showcase their personalities, skills, and enthusiasm in a way that traditional resumes and cover letters cannot capture.

Applicants are encouraged to create brief video introductions, aka video cover letters, providing a more personal and dynamic insight into their qualifications and motivations. Imagine giving a mini-pitch about why you’re the perfect person for the job — that’s what these video intros are all about!

UseVerb — The Solution

This shift in approach has been widely applauded, with candidates and recruiters alike appreciating the added dimension that videos bring to the application process. This is where UseVerb, an innovative solution specifically designed for hiring, can significantly enhance the process. Unlike generic short-form video platforms, UseVerb provides a purpose built hiring platform including an applicant tracking system, offering a more structured and effective way to assess candidates.

Cover letters are dead, by leveraging video technology to provide a more complete job application with more points of data, UseVerb stands out as a more suitable choice for companies like Hilton, looking to streamline their hiring process and attract a diverse pool of talent.

UseVerb offers a multitude of benefits that enhance the entire hiring process:

1. Video Job Applications: With UseVerb, candidates can effortlessly create 27-second video job applications or video cover letters, allowing them to express their passion and suitability for a role in a captivating way. This presentation not only engages recruiters but also provides a more accurate representation of the candidate’s personality.

Watch How to Record a Verb Video Application

2. Applicant Tracking System: UseVerb’s inbuilt Applicant Tracking System (ATS), makes it effortless for recruiters to manage and review applications, UseVerb’s applications can also be integrated to your existing ATS. This streamlines the hiring workflow, ensuring that the most qualified candidates are quickly identified.

Applicant Tracking System on UseVerb
Screen applications, chat to candidates, share applications & make private notes

3. Visual Job Ads: UseVerb goes beyond the standard job listing by allowing recruiters to create visually appealing job ads for different roles. The dashboard provides easy access to all of your job ads. Sharing Job Ads to your network, such as social media platforms and online community groups allows you to tap into a market of candidates which are perfectly aligned with your job. Finding top talent means meeting candidates where they’re at — and today this is no longer limited to job boards.

Visual Job Ads on UseVerb

Testimonial from Gage Roads

Gage Roads Brew Co, a company that has already reaped the benefits of UseVerb’s innovative approach, provided a glowing testimonial for the platform. In the video, they express how UseVerb has helped them discover top-notch candidates who are now thriving within their organization. By introducing video cover letters, they’ve been able to cut down on their hiring time, “we don’t even need to interview! We have people starting on Monday.”

Transforming Recruitment with Short-Form Videos and UseVerb

Hilton Hotels is not just keeping up with the times; they’re leading the charge in the hospitality hiring scene. Their use of video cover letters and resumes is a breath of fresh air in the application process, letting candidates shine brighter than ever in a way that words on paper simply cannot convey.

As the talent shortage continues to challenge the hospitality sector, tools like UseVerb are essential for finding and attracting top talent. Hilton’s success story demonstrates that they are not only adapting to the changing landscape of recruitment but also leading the way in making the process more efficient and effective. With UseVerb’s specialized approach to video-based hiring, Hilton Hotels and other companies can continue to thrive and find the perfect candidates, all while benefiting from the platform’s innovative features that make hiring a breeze.

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