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2 min readDec 23, 2022

Written by Nauman Victor

There are some difficulties that I faced in seeking a job after graduation.

1. Resume

As an international student, the method of applying for a job is different in my country than in Australia. In Australia, a cover letter is required to apply for a job. But in my country, we don’t have cover letters. Also, the format of a CV is different. That makes it harder for any international student to understand or even apply for a job even if you have the relevant qualifications and skills.

My Solution:

I got so much help from the Job Search Secrets course from UseVerb.

  • The overall structure of my resume was not up to the mark. From the start till the end, the job search secret course helped me throughout my resume writing. Two W’s always wondered in my mind while writing my resume “What” and “Where”. Section 4.1 in the Job search secret course explained that well when I first started this course and that saved my time.
  • Writing a cover letter was a big challenge for a person like me who has never done that before. Section 4.2 in the course is all about cover letters. There are some great examples in this section that are self-explanatory. I understood so much better about cover letters after this section.

2. Networking

The issue of networking has always been an issue for me. In the industry, nobody wants to take the risk of hiring a newbie. The lack of references makes it even more tricky to get a job. Knowing more people means having more chances of getting a better job.

My Solution:

UseVerb app is a great tool for networking. I always use that for connecting to the people of the industry. I can directly connect to the hiring managers without being anonymous. The interface is so easy to understand for a new user and I have already made some relevant connections. UseVerb is helping me to resolve the issue of networking.

3. Demand

Some industries always require staff due to the requirements of the job and in some industries, there are dew vacancies per year. When I was applying for a marketing job, I would see very few job ads which show that there are very few vacancies in the market.

My Solution:

Although the demand is something that is not controlled by a person. It is the trend of the industry but this doesn’t mean that you cannot stand out. Using the right tools at the right time is the key to standing out in the industry. I am using UseVerb and Job Search Secrets course as my tool to excel in the industry.


Nauman Victor




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